Politically Ridiculous


Songs inspired by current politics and life in the 21st Century. An eclectic array of musicals styles---Weird Al meets Dylan. Titles include the Best Government Money Can Buy, Shove it Politicians, and Whoa, Here Comes Armegeddon.

The elections are upon us and it's hard to tell if we should laugh or cry as politics has become more about who has more money and who gets it then it does "we the people". So here are 10 almost political tunes to take you mind off of the fact that regardless of who wins, the hands of the puppet masters are the ones in control.

Forty years in the making. Way back in the 1960’s, we wrote songs together for the infamous band “Tar & Feather”. Forty years later, the muse struck and we created hundreds of new tunes. Way more to come.

This batch of tunes includes:

The Lizard & the Trucker -- An epic tale of the lizard wanting food and the truck who is about to squash it. A parable for our times. Shove it Politicians --- Can't have an election without some country & western angst, throw in some powerful peddle steel guitar. Unintended Consequences -- Hear it and weep. We didn't teach our children well. Whoa. Here Comes Armegeddon -- An over the top look at the the apocalypse. Freedom: Staring down the gun. -- Inspired by the "Arab Spring".

The views expressed in these songs reflect the opinion of the artists. CDBaby did not put us up to this. The ongoing political quagmire that inspired this, is not unique to this century or our country and like all previous times, sooner or later it will pass. Remember "all that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"... At least that sounds good.

To see the lyrics and more about us, visit http://www.newnetworks.com/politicallyridiculous.htm

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