Ode to the Apocalypse


The sound of sirens screaming, 

The roar of firetrucks rolling. 

Policemen running, soldiers shooting 

Baby, come and kiss me now. 

The earthquakes rock the buildings, 

You can feel the floors tremble, 

And the air is filled with thunder 

Let me hold you now. 


Listen to the sirens 

watch the roaring fire; 

While the city crumbles 

We can love away the night. 


Four housemen must be riding 

On a long and lonely road. 

Soon they'll come to touch us too 

Let's all greet them with a smile. 


For the moment pretend 

That there's nothing here but us. 

While the holocaust is growing, 

Raging, surging all-consuming. 


Let me spend my last night with you; 

This is no time to deny 

My love for you or yours for me 

Baby, our last chance is now. 


For all the buildings are tumbling, 

There's a bright light in the West, 

And the wind and waves are coming - 

Let's not think of the times we missed. 


© 1974, Music Bruce Kushnick, Lyrics, Daniel Dern