Bruce Kushnick & Friends: Old and New Tunes

I’ve been playing the piano (and anything with a keyboard) and creating music for 63 years.  Joined by a collection of some amazing singers, lyricists, musicians and lifelong friends, this is an assortment of tunes, piano albums and some live performances that include Carnegie Recital Hall and various downtown NYC dives, not to mention Brandeis and the academic haunts of my salad days, to even Jimmy’s basement. However, over the last decade I have also been creating in my own virtual digital sound world.

Lyrics come in all shapes and sizes by Dr. Henry Karlin, Dan Dern, Paul Zelevansky, Richard Kostelanetz and Sir Walter Raleigh, with kick ass performances by Jim Casola, Steve Sieck, and Robert Koff, just to start.

My style—surrealistic, neoclassic, avant garde, jazz/rock and roll, with a heavy blues influence, and sprinkled with irony, comedy, musical theater, and a twist of existential angst—can only be attributed to growing up in Brooklyn, the friends I keep, the lyricists and performers, producers, mentors, mendicants, players and fools that joined me along the way, not to mention the 14 institutions of higher learning I passed through.

It has only taken about 30+ years to go back and digitize the recordings.  Surprisingly, the tapes still held up and were cleaned and made to sparkle thanks to Al Basi and Tony Coluccio. Special recognition must also go to the great and powerful ARNKUSH.

This first wave can be found on the web worldwide including my new music site, (what an original name) as well as Amazon streamingiTunes and CDBaby for sale and listening; we’re even on Youtube and Spotify.



I’ve been a telecom analyst for 39 years and it seems that it is now culminating with IRREGULATORS v FCC – a legal challenge taken against the captured regulatory agency, the FCC, by the IRREGULATORS, a remarkable team of experts, forensic auditors, insiders and lawyers.  Starting in 2010, we uncovered one of the largest accounting scandals in American history and we ‘followed the money’. Seems that our trusted ISPs, cable, phone and wireless companies—AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink—with the help of the FCC, have been able to manipulate their financial books to create artificial losses while overcharging America—that’s you, your family, business and friends—over $50 billion annually, and it needs to be stopped. Meanwhile, the cable companies, Comcast, Charter, et al., have their own tricks to atone for – and this is getting worse. 

These deceptive artificial losses were used to raise rates, save billions on taxes, and have been the excuse to not have to properly upgrade their state utilities in America with fiber optics—claiming it isn’t profitable—even though we paid thousands of dollars extra for services most never got. In fact, AT&T et al. left most of America with one not very high-speed, high-priced cable internet choice or none in rural areas or even inner cities-- this is sometimes referred as the Digital Divide.  This needs to be fixed.

Worse, the telcos claim that their new imaginary wireless service called “5G” will ‘fix everything’. In reality, this is just another in a long line of bait-and-switch tactics to not deliver what we already paid for—a fiber optic service—and to charge us more. And dripping with irony, wireless requires fiber optic wires and they are being cross-subsidized by the wired customers, paid for by the monies collected to have our homes, offices, businesses and schools wired; and because they control the wires they can inflate the prices, even on wireless. We’re paying multiples of what they charge overseas; thus a multiple-whammy

The IRREGULATORS took the case because we couldn’t let a few corporations put Ma Bell back together, walk all over and take away our rights, overcharge us all; controlling the wires, they can track us online and then sell the data, claiming that they are also ‘entertainment companies’. We even lost the right to take the companies to court; they are protected by unreadable contract fine print and now have forced arbitration.

IRREGULATORS BIG WIN: We Freed the States to Get the Money Back. -- On  March 13th, 2020,  the DC Court of Appeals decision was exactly what we had wanted. -- The Court declared that t the states are independent and do not have to follow the FCC deformed rules. 

Welcome to Phase II: Let's get ready to Rattle the Cage.

Finally, as all of this continues, I will be putting out a lot more songs, piano pieces, small symphonic works, and, of course, my piece for laughing box and piano.

So, to my friends, associates, family and XXXX (redacted)… thanks. 


PS: As a kid my friends called me “Kush”.